Our logistics department is handling shipping to several locations around the world daily. Our experienced packing and warehouse team can prepare orders efficiently and quickly. Each order is securely packed before shipping to minimize the chances of damage. They are also ready to accommodate special requests regarding packaging, such as individual packaging or blind shipping. 

We are experts in packaging IT hardware. Depending on the order, we using cartons, or pallets or custom-made crates. Inside the packaging, we use special anti-static materials to wrap and protect the products.  For heavier and/or larger orders, we use pallets and custom crates made out of certified wood. We are making the crates in our warehouse from scratch, so it fits the order perfectly; there is no problem if a rack or other larger product is purchased. Our goal is to protect the orders during shipping as best as we can, no matter the circumstances. An extra service we can do upon request is packing the products separately, so each of them has its own box, and then we label each box with the appropriate product information.